Wednesday, July 15, 2009

tribute to MJ - get the style

GSS gives our deepest condolence to the King of Pop whom, not one else, can ever replace. When we got the news like everyone else, we're like " WTH?! finally someone is ditching mini pants!" Sorry, we didn't mean to show no respect to the deceased. That's why we're got going to show the real photos.

enjoy the pictures of MJ inspired style. man, i love the woman.

shit you.
do you even think GSS will let go the perfect chance to "share" the style?
lesson 101 of the day!

now, you don't have to go the extra mile to look so much like the king of pop, (just like what the fans all over the world are doing) you can simply grab them at the stretch of your hands! isn't it wonderful? GSS knew to be the king of pop is never difficult. you just need the right person to explain them better to you.

Step 1 :
it's ok if you find brands on it.

Find a white glove, thick enough, and stick glitters on it.

Step 2:

Grab your younger brother/ sister's pants. it's ok if you can't button, all you need for it is to be short enough. make sure when you kick, or when you glide across the floor, it will go above the ankle.

Step 3:

When your pants go above the ankle, make sure you wear the right white socks to cover your hairy leg. Remember: the socks must be white.

that's what i'm talking about. hairy legs.

Optional Step:

Clip a wooden peg on your nose for 5hours before you leave the place for a sharper nose.

Ditch concealers, Pour Talcum powder all over your body.

ah, feels good isn't it?

There you go!!
You're gonna look as ridiculous as Dirty Diana!

YAY! :)