Wednesday, February 11, 2009

grammy's hot mama

when everyone's hots about the Grammy's 2009. Who's hot and who's not. GSS apparently found someone that's hot and not, at the same time.

below is a picture of 1 0f the 100 hideous look from NYmag.

WTH?! who on earth will take this seriously?
apparently yes...

M.I.A - Grammy nominee for song of the year, paperplanes. whom did a performance when her baby is due.

GSS : not all hot mama can actually pull of a hideous outfit. i mean, with that bump u look almost hideous in everything! Great Job to M.I.A :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Emperor's New clothes **explicit content**

you know how the story goes?

about this haughty emperor who cares more about his clothes and wanted to have a Jimmy Choo dress too ? 2 smart idiots promised the Jimmy Choo and out they came the hottest design. The emperor was so pleased with it and he went out like this ....

The emperor went out to parade to his people his new dress in the inaugration ceremony. and a little boy from the crowd exclaimed " He's not even wearing anything!! "

mind you - this is in the READY-TO-WEAR category. it's so hideous. i just have to post it.

taken from :)