Saturday, September 13, 2008

uses of Shutter Shades

Smile Paris, You look better in this ridiculous shade that's 1/2 the size of your face.

This 80s fashion item made a glamorous comeback having endorsed by Kanye West in the Mtv Stronger. It look exceptionally amazing on Kanye West and the teddy bear.

Besides looking cool, attract overwhelming attention (for awhile) , i couldn't think of any good use. I mean, what's the bloody use of this?!

can you really SEE with this shades? the clubs have enough spinning lights to make us all go giddy, and this doesn't help. and what's the image you gonna get?

not very pleasing.

and imagine the lines on your face! you'll look either you've been run over by a bicycle many times or too much wrinkles on your face.

so readers if you have any uses of this shutter shades, please feel free to share with us! :)