Sunday, August 31, 2008

Step into the wardrobe of the dolls

What do you get when you mix Silky Kimono dolls with Sun kissed girly dresses, add a little spice of hot grabbing price, and sprinkled with sisterly love ?

You get DollsWardrobe!

It all started when Cheryl and Samantha decided to get rid of some brand-new-yet-to-touch stuffs but found a better purpose for them, that is to sell away:) The idea eventually evolved into retailing and hit right on the spot!

Even though using Livejournal layout, their originally designed Sweet and Kawaii Kimono dollies (representing the 2 sweet girls i believe) is what makes Dollswardrobe so unique.

What Cheryl and Samantha go for, are whatever that's ahead of the trend, anything that fits your first interview, or just girls-day-out. If you look carefully, you may even find some "shiny" items.

Rest assured about their efficiency as the girls are always available to answer all your enquiries, yes, even into the dark... they deliver within the next 72hours upon your orders. What you have is not only your item but a smile of satisfaction, just like the cutesy dolly.

Currently Dollswardrobe is running some hot-selling promotions for the benefit of all! And join as a member to enjoy more discounts!

PS:// i just heard, new stocks are in! DO CHECK IT! at